“Only ‘DADDY’ That’ll Walk The Line”

My first 8-track tapes in 1968 included one by Waylon Jennings…and on that 8-track was the song, “Only Daddy That’ll Walk The Line”. (click on the link to watch) The song’s about going above and beyond what’s normally expected in a relationship. Waylon was just busting onto the country music scene and this song is one of the first (actually his second single) that put him on the charts. And the rest, as they say, is history.

I was thinking about that song the other day…or I should say, “I was thinking about the song title”. And it occurred to me that the title to that song really describes God’s posture with mankind. Now, you might think that’s a little disrespectful to refer to the Creator of the Universe, God….as Daddy, but it’s actually a very accurate, ….and Scriptural persona. Paul wrote, “God has sent His Spirit into our hearts, crying Abba, Father”. The clearest English rendering of the word, Abba, is “Daddy’!! Don’t you just love that!? 

Nearly every other religion on Earth is about man working his way to god….but Christianity is altogether different. Christianity is about God (the Father) coming to His kids!! That’s ‘some kind of love’! It’s sad that many pockets of Christianity portray God as mad and angry at mankind in general. He’s often portrayed as a God that you just can’t please no matter how hard you try. But He’s not like that at all. No, much to the contrary…He’s a Father Who’s loving, compassionate and full of grace….and just can’t wait for the opportunity to show His children those things.

Our God left the safety, security and confines of Heaven to come to the Earth to reveal Himself and to utterly, and decisively, redeem all mankind….so that we could be with Him throughout all eternity! He laid down His life for us! That’s what I call, “Walkin’ The Line”!!

God could’ve been anything He wanted to be….and His choice was to be our Father!

So, no disrespect Waylon, but our God……He really is the , “Only DADDY That’ll Walk The Line”!!


2 thoughts on ““Only ‘DADDY’ That’ll Walk The Line”

  1. Brother Andy this is nothing short of wonderful. I never looked at dad’s song this way, but every time I hear “Only Daddy” from this day forward, I will think of our loving Heavenly Daddy.
    Thank you and God bless you,
    Terry Jennings

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