Are You Living Longer….or Just Growing Old?

There’s a difference! I remember when I was a kid, when anyone hit 60 that was old, really old!! But I ran past 60 last year so fast it wasn’t funny. And the fascinating thing is….I don’t feel old at all. Maybe it’s just because it just happened so fast. I mean, the years do go flying by. I heard that enough times when I was younger but I had no idea it would happen this fast!

Some people, I’ve noticed, start getting old in their 40’s and 50’s….they just seem determined to do it. But there are others who just keep thinking young. I like that…..I think it’s a mental thing. I think, somewhere along the way they just decided not to be old in their thoughts and actions. Yep, there is a difference in ‘living longer’ and just ‘growing old’. I’m thinking we would be making a huge mistake if we really stopped living our life and just settled in to growing old. Life is a precious thing. It can be pretty vicious at times, but still precious, nonetheless. I say let’s keep squeezing all we can out of life. And while I don’t have all this figured out, here’s a few things I think’ll help:

1) Realize that the Lord’s not through with you! It’s the truth! Even the Bible says that we’re to ‘bear fruit’ in old age.

2) Invest in the next generation! The things we’ve learned through our life experiences are invaluable to them.

3) Stay Active! Make a bucket list…..and why not a long one?! Get busy about doing those things you’ve always wanted to do!

4) Keep using your mind! Challenge yourself and don’t allow your mind to get lazy!

5) Keep Moving! Do something physical every day and don’t wait ’til later on to do it!

6) Take care of your body! Eat good, don’t be dumb about that!

7) Try your best to keep a good, positive attitude! 

8) Be relational! Life is really all about relationships! Engage, interact, enjoy!

Let’s ‘live’ longer…….and not just grow old! *Reply with your ‘tips’ on “Living Longer”


12 thoughts on “Are You Living Longer….or Just Growing Old?

  1. Life is 90% between the ears.
    Can’t never could!
    I’m still a youngster, 42, and I HATE working out. But, I do it. I hear it all the time, “I don’t have time to work out.”
    The truth is: People don’t MAKE time to work out. 20 minutes a day is all it takes.
    Let’s get moving.

  2. I am a little ahead of you on age. Great advice! I’m saving this one for a reminder to live longer and not grow old.

  3. You right i look at my self the scar’s on my face were earn.I learned from them. The sorenes come’s with the life we chose. I may look old but i dont feel old. Thank You..

  4. I hit the pool at 5:30am 3 days a week to swim 200 yds. at my local swim/fitness club. I was pleasantly surprised to see several at least 8 veteran seniors ranging from 65 to 75 swimming laps!! That was a huge confidence booster! Good word A. T.

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