Where Do I Belong? – *How to Find the Right Church

This is a very important issue for us all. More important, in fact, that you might think. And many times it isn’t really approached with enough seriousness and deliberation. The truth of it is, the Lord has ‘written down’ the sum of your days, (Ps 139) which just says that He has meticulously planned out every detail of our lives. With that in mind it just makes sense that ‘where’ we’re called to grow and serve is of extreme importance.

Most people in the Bible Belt going to church today are going to church where Grandma or their parents went. There’s nothing at all wrong with that scenario if it is, indeed, where the Father wants you to be. And if that’s the case, go at it full blast! But, what if it isn’t?! Then what?? I think we stand a good chance of missing our destiny if we don’t find where we really belong.

Finding where you belong could very well be a process….but it’s well worth the effort. Of course you want it to be a place where the Bible is being taught….and not ‘watered down’, and Jesus is being lifted up. I’ve listed some things that I think will be of value to you as you seek to find where you belong.

1) This issue needs to be prayerfully and carefully considered. Ask the Lord to direct you.

2) Is it just church as usual….or can you feel that something ‘significant’ is happening there?

3) Is the church having an impact in the community?

4) Can you feel ‘life’?? (or does it feel lifeless?) You can feel the tangibility of spiritual life….or the lack, thereof.

5) Are there opportunities to ‘connect’ relationally?

6) Does the church have ‘vision’? *Very important…..Are they going ‘somewhere’?

7) Do they encourage you to relate to God as Father? *If not…..move on!!

8) Are there opportunities for you to ‘get involved’? *If you’re going to fulfill your destiny, this is non-negotiable!

9) Does it feel like ‘family’? Do you have a ‘kindred spirit’ with the people there?

10) Do they ‘value’ you as a person? This tells you a lot about a church!

11) Is the Holy Spirit welcome? *Are there opportunities to be prayed for and ministered to?

12) Is the church reaching the poor? *It was an important thing to Jesus!

13) Are they speaking your ‘language’? *Can you relate to the message?

14) Does it feel like ‘Home’?? *You’ll have a feeling like, “This is where I belong”.

This should help! Now it’s up to you!


3 thoughts on “Where Do I Belong? – *How to Find the Right Church

  1. Many good points, our Heavenly Father is our Father. It’s very important that we understand the father, son relationship.

  2. Andy, Your latest blog is quite wonderful. I just realized that I had been playing defense in Church-bashing discussions. The church, as it ought to be, is a necessity; the church as it is, in most cases, is not much help. What shall we do about it? Abandon the Bride-to-Be? I don’t think so! Somewhere, even in most existing churches is, among a few, a Bride becoming. All those I am going to make this obvious. If we abandon the church, even with its lamentable weaknesses and inexcusable compromises, where will we look? I think I see the Kingdom coming in churches wherever I go. Never do I remember being more encouraged as now, especially after a 16 day trip through Colorado and New Mexico, visiting sons and churches. Then, as I go through the list of churches and sons, more encouragement as I hear the “Kingdomese” translation spoken and demonstrated. I am coming near the close of my book COSMIC INITIATIVE and the grand conclusion is that God is about to release a Kingdomized and Kingdomizing Church on an unsuspecting and hopelessly entangled world. The result, “The Gospel of the Kingdom” will be preached in every nation, as witness to all nations . . . then the last, last days will reveal the final harvest and then . . . who knows? Your blogs are helping, the devil is mad, very mad. Look out and practice the presence of the Kingdom and send him to hell. I will spend the last few chapters of the book on the Kingdom and the Church. Pray for me!\ Muvh Love and Many Blessings, Singing in the Reign, Jack >

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