Are You A ‘Kingdom’ Person? Part 10 – “In the Game” not “On the Bench”

If you’ve been reading the series, “Are You a ‘Kingdom’ Person?”, you have probably decided by now which side you’re on. If not….keep reading and you’ll be able to clearly decide before the series is completed. Kingdom people are ‘in the game’, not ‘on the bench’! Organized religion doesn’t always work very good. I’m not trying to criticize, just making an observation based on quite a few years of experience and reflection. One of the undeniable things I’ve observed is the unwillingness of people in the Bible-Belt to get involved in their church. Oh, I know, there are some who do….but overall it’s just a very small percentage of the ones who do. For the most part it’s their mindset that, “that’s what we pay the pastor for”. That mindset is rampant but it’s about as un-Biblical as you can get! Therefore, it doesn’t work over the course of time.

On the other hand, kingdom people are ‘in the game’! They look for areas in their church that need to be ‘shored up’ and they’re willing to ‘step in’ and lend a hand. They see it, and approach it, as a ‘family’ business. In fact, that’s a great way to look at it. They take responsibility. They don’t stand around complaining about what’s not being done or criticizing the few who are actually doing something. No, they’re not willing to see this organism, called the church, flounder around when it should be flourishing! In my experience, it’s always the folks on the bench that do the whining, the murmuring and the complaining….all the while….never making a difference with their own life. That’s just the way it is…and it’s always been that way to a degree. If it’s ever going to change we’ve gotta start doing it different. And, THE, place to start is to get off the bench and into the game!

Kingdom people are ‘in the game’!!


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