It’s Not Too Late to Make a ‘Mark’ With Your Life!

We’re all born with an inherent need to make a difference with our life. There really is something resident deep down inside us that makes us want our lives to ‘count’. I believe it’s the work of the Lord, without a doubt. Not many people would argue that the Father has an intricate, detailed plan for their life. But when it comes right down to it many of those same people would be hard-pressed to confess that His plan was being adequately worked out in their life at the moment.

Well I, for one, think we need to think about doing something about that. Fulfilling our destiny is a serious thing to consider. The worst thing that could happen to us in our lifetime is to ignore or reject the Holy spirit’s attempts to draw us to the Lord. For us to miss salvation would be a tragedy almost beyond comprehension. But to miss our destiny (the God-ordained plan He has for our life) would be the ‘second’ worst thing that could happen to us. To be on the planet for our allotted time and miss the reason why….would be a ‘miss’ of epic proportions! There’s really no sense in letting that happen.

If you’re going to fulfill your destiny and make a mark with your life I wouldn’t piddle around too long, ……’cause the clock’s ticking, so to speak. Here’s what to do:

1) Renew your relationship with the Father.

2) Communicate with Him; Talk to him, listen, be aware of how He wants to move in your life.

3) Be obedient; It’s going to take faith for you to proceed. The good news is, you already have adequate faith!

4) Commit to the long-haul. * It’s a lifelong endeavor!

5) Expect some obstacles; There’ll be plenty….but you’re an overcomer.

6) Pay close attention to the people in your path; They’re a ‘key’ to your destiny!

7) Enjoy the trip!

It’s not too late to make a mark with your life!


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