Are You A ‘Kingdom’ Person? Part 7 – Committed to Relationships

‘Kingdom’ people are different, as I see it. They live and move and think on a higher plane than the ‘going through the motions’, bored, ‘waiting on Jesus to return’, kind of person. I sincerely hope that doesn’t hurt your feelings but if it does….maybe it would serve you well to read all the posts in this series and see if you need to make some adjustments.

Kingdom people are committed to relationships. In real estate it’s ‘location, location, location’. But in the kingdom of God it’s relationship, relationship, relationship’! Of course, our first…and most important relationship is the one we have with the Father. That’s the relationship that sets the tone for all our other relationships….and the one that gives us the validation that we all have need of. But after that all our relationships are important….probably more important than we understand. We might achieve fame and fortune; we might make a lot of money but at the end of our life we’re going to realize that what’s made our lives rich….are the relationships we’ve experienced. So, I’m sayin’ we need to adjust right now and give the value to our relationships that they deserve. Kingdom people do that!

Committing to relationships is a great idea but there’s no way around it….relationships are hard…they’re work. The greatest joy in life comes through our relationships, but some of the greatest frustrations are assured, as well. So, what do we do?? Since we’re committing to our relationships we must also resolve to work through the difficulties when they arise. We’ve gotta make the relationship more important than the problem. When we do that….the relationship will survive. And the real payoff is that the Lord will restore the relationship and make it stronger than it was before the offense.

If you’re a ‘kingdom’ person, you’re committed to relationships!


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