Do You Have Enough Faith??

Let me answer that for you…..before you answer it wrong! YES!! You do ‘have’ enough faith. Now, whether or not you’re using it is another question, altogether. The Bible is clear that we’ve been given ‘the’ measure of faith. The Father loves us all! And because He doesn’t favor any one of us over another….He gives each of us the very same measure of faith. It’s enough faith! Enough to navigate every single event we’ll ever encounter in our whole life. It’s also enough faith to enable us to fulfill our destiny (God’s perfect plan for our life)! It’s not a flimsy, cut and run at the first sign of trouble, kind of faith either. It’s powerful enough for the sick to be healed, demons to be cast out and enough to empower us to tell the ‘good news’ to the poor!

This amazing faith that’s been given to us works in every situation. But you and I must activate it! It works in perfect synch with the Holy Spirit Who lives in us. “Signs and wonders will follow them that believe”! If we’re to experience this to the degree that the Father has purposed we must be ‘given’ to His Spirit. We can’t ‘go rogue’ with our faith and make ‘unilateral’ decisions. We must be devoted and reliant on His Spirit to see the miraculous manifested.

When our faith is ‘exercised’… grows. We have the potential of ‘mountain moving’ faith but if we don’t activate it… just abides there dormant. It’s like having a fortune in your bank account but never writing a check on it! The Bible says, “We’re created in Christ Jesus for good works.” The world is waiting for a people like us who really believe! Let’s ignite our faith! Write some ‘checks’ and see what happens!

Do you have enough faith?? Yes you do!! Use it!


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