The Very Least We Can Do Is Have a “Day” For Them!!

Mother’s Day! Heck yeah! That’s a holiday we should all get behind. The value of a mother could never be over-communicated. Moms deserve to be recognized, honored and maybe even pampered a little. After all, they’ve spent a good deal of their life carrying, feeding, doctoring, nurturing, grooming, cuddling, cleaning up after, dressing, giving, shopping for, honoring, supporting, interceding for, building up, caring for, educating, fiercely protecting, taxiing to all kinds of activities, sacrificing for, encouraging, instructing, defending, gently correcting and most important of all……loving us and our children! 

I’ve had the incredible blessing to have the greatest Mom in the world! She did all those things I listed above…and a whole lot more for my brother and me. As Mom’s go, she never missed a single thing in our growing up and has continued to be a voice of stability and encouragement in our adult years as well. She has always been extremely supportive in anything we’ve ever done and would fight a grizzly bear for us, even to this day! The older I get, the more I realize how important she has been to me in my life. I’m beyond grateful!

I would bet that nobody on earth could come close to being as good a Mom as mine, that is, until I married Julie and we had Clint after just being married a year! Then I saw her in action as a Mom and, I’ll be danged, she was just as good with our kids as Mom was with us. She put her own dreams on the back-burner and never wavered as an awesome Mom! Her whole life has been devoted to doing all those things listed above, and more, for our kids….for the past 37 years. There couldn’t have been a better one anywhere on the planet for our bunch. I don’t even have the words to adequately communicate how grateful I am for Julie, and the stability she’s brought to our home as a Mom! Don’t be surprised if you happen to look in the dictionary, under “mother”, and see a picture of Charlene Taylor and Julie Taylor. Because they embody, and exemplify, every single thing that an authentic Mother should be.

So to just have a ‘day’ to honor our Moms seems kind of like a ‘rip-off’ to me! We ought to have a Mother’s Month…..but if you can’t see your way to do that, be sure and make Today a great day for Mom! She deserves it!


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