A Challenge: Let’s, You and Me, Take The High Road

I’m normally a pretty positive, upbeat kind of guy….generally speaking. I think I have a pretty healthy sense of humor and I like to laugh and make others laugh, too. It just makes life a lot more bearable, and enjoyable, if you ask me. But, I’ve noticed something in me that’s not a very desirable personality trait at all. I can get negative about things in a hurry if I don’t watch myself. Not making an excuse here but I think it’s partly because I deal with a lot of hard issues. I’ve jokingly made the statement a few times that, “in the ministry, people aren’t necessarily lined up to tell you good news”. If you’re continually bombarded with bad, depressing and discouraging news it can really do a number on you in terms of your overall attitude. And that very thing has happened to me more than I’d like to admit.

So I issued a challenge to myself today; I’m going to try to go a week without saying anything negative. I expect I may flunk the challenge a time or two in the process but I intend to re-focus and go at it again. I’d like to develop a habit of never saying anything negative. I think it’s do-able. It’s going to take a lot of work and a lot of adjusting….and a whole lot of thinking before I speak. I’m thinking if I can do it a week….well then, why not do it from now on? Why don’t you join me in the challenge?!

Think of how much better we’ll feel at the end of the day by not going negative on something or someone. And besides, it’ll help to make the world a whole lot better place to live!

Are you in??


7 thoughts on “A Challenge: Let’s, You and Me, Take The High Road

  1. We are human, and we have negative thoughts at different times. Been working on this myself for sometime, life gets better when we’re positive or at least for me, when neg. comes no not today. Been feeling so much better being positive person. Being negative is like judging can’t do it! We are negative at people in our life, that doesn’t help them or me! Like Jeannie comment. Watch the words we speak, they are powerful and can hurt people we love.

  2. I accept ur challenge Andy!! Feeling blessed! Traveled to Denver today to put Jess in The hospital and finding all the positive things about this visit helps me to keep her focused on the Lords gifts!

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