It Ain’t Just “Good News” …… It’s “Great News”!

It would be easy to get our focus on all the negative things going on in the world. After all there is a bunch of depressing things going on. But if we’d just examine those things in light of the “good news” it would totally change our perspective. The actual meaning of the ‘gospel’ is “good news”. And, While some preachers are determined to talk about the doom and gloom, it’s not about that at all! As believers we have been given incredible opportunity/responsibility to be purveyors of news that will actually change the world for the better.

Jesus came telling the “good news”, and after generations of dead, legalistic, lifeless religion it must’ve been some kind of breath of fresh air! What Jesus said and did brought life….something that the culture in His day had never experienced. What exactly was the “good news” all about. It was about a Savior Who came to set captives like us free! It was the Son of God introducing people like you and I to the Creator of the Universe Who, amazingly enough, wants to be our Father, too! It’s about the reality of total forgiveness for every trespass we’d ever commit!

That’s a lot of “good news”, but it didn’t stop there……it just got better! You know the story; the soldiers seized Jesus and took Him before Pilate. The chaos escalated as He carried His cross to Golgotha where he was nailed to it and died there. It was the undisputed, greatest miscarriage of justice that the world would ever experience. Things looked pretty bad! But early in the morning three days later a jingling sound began to break through the silence. It was the sound of the keys of death, hell and the grave…….and Jesus was carrying them out of the tomb!! Those things would no longer hold us in fear. They were once and for all….dealt with! He’s Alive Again!!

Tomorrow, when you wake up, …..on the day that we observe the resurrection, consider what happened there in Jerusalem a couple thousand years ago. Pretty amazing! It ain’t just “good news”….. It’s “Great News”!!

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2 thoughts on “It Ain’t Just “Good News” …… It’s “Great News”!

  1. Powerful word, saint! I sooo agree about sharing the great news!!! With Jesus, we have a continual feast of victory! Woohoo!!! Keep going, yer on a great role!!! 🙂

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