“Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!!”

Oh, I know; common sense, logic and conventional thinking would quickly tell you otherwise. And in some cases the flipside of that title would/could be the case, I agree. The problem is that today there’s a lot of people doing things, and a lot of those things are noble and seemingly important but are they really things that the Lord has initiated?

Here’s an example: You start a business, get it going and then ask the Lord to bless it. That seems logical. But my first question would be, “What did you hear from the Lord about starting this business?”  A lot of times, and I’m talking from my own experience in dealing with people on a regular basis, they never asked the Lord at all about what business to start in the first place. And again, it’s the classic, ‘cart in front of the horse’ scenario. Now, don’t get me wrong, if you ask the Lord to bless that business, I believe He will; mainly because He just loves you. But if you want the full blessing of the Father on what you’re doing, it just makes sense to find out, first, what He wants you to do and what He has to say about it.

Jesus’ time was short and His time was valuable *(somewhat like yours!). And He didn’t waste any of it doing ‘random’ things. I used to say, “Jesus was needs oriented; wherever He saw a need He met it.” I don’t say that anymore because I believe it’s as far away from the truth as it can possibly be. Jesus didn’t do anything that He didn’t see the Father doing (at least that’s what the Book says!). 

The Father has an incredible plan for your life! Before you jump the gun, why don’t you find out what  He’s saying to you!!



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  1. Can’t say I have ever gotten ahead of God, since he already has come and gone and coming back again…However, man oh man have I wasted some time and done “good deeds” with wrong motives!! I love the word and I love you, Andy!!!

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