Reflect & Refocus #15

How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

#15 – “Avoid Toxic Emotions”

Discouragement, anxiety, depression, anger, regret, etc.:

Our mind, will and emotions lie within our soul and ‘can be’ the control center for our entire lives. When they are in a serene state everything seems fine but when they’re not, BOOM, everything seems out of control! And so our whole life goes until we can get our emotional state back in check.

Our soul ‘can be’ the control center for our life……but shouldn’t be; we are created as spiritual beings first and the spirit part of us should have control over, even our soul. But how do we do that? It starts with an understanding that you actually have control over your emotions. (or else they’ll have control over you!) But you’ll have to consistently override those toxic emotions with the Truth of the Spirit. You must take authority over those emotions and not let them rule your life!

In the Old Testament, David, often had to use this strategy so his depressed emotional state wouldn’t take him down, ……and keep him down! “This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.”. (Ps 118:24) Here David does what you should do; Early in the morning he’s ‘declaring’ truth, and resolving to rejoice in this day…and be glad. What a great way to start the day! 

I find myself often giving this piece of biblical advice to those who are experiencing emotional distress: “Set your mind on things above, and not on things below.” We’re to be people of faith; we should be walking by faith and not by sight!

1) You’re more than a conqueror! *Start acting like it!

2) Embrace the ‘joy of the Lord’! *Jesus said it was ours….so ‘contend’ for it!

3) Watch your words! *Don’t confess yourself into a state of discouragement and depression!

4) TAKE AUTHORITY! *Don’t let those ‘toxic’ emotions lead you around!

Do this and you’re well on your way to making 2015 your “Best Year Ever”!

8 thoughts on “Reflect & Refocus #15

  1. Definitely hitting home! Thanks for taking your time to help me reflect and refocus! I told mom to read them, but she said she wasn’t your friend on fb. I told her to request you so she could get in on the good news! Thanks again!

  2. Great words Andy. Had both knees replaced six weeks ago so I’ve been fighting these issues that you talked about. So far the attitude has been good and looking forward to being somewhat normal again. Keep up the good work.

  3. O Andy this hit the nail on the head at our house! My goodness Billy can find something from 10 years ago to worry about that I’ve completely forgotten about he worries his self silly He needed this read for sure haha I guess we both did. We learn everyday and I’m hoping by the time we get to heaven because I’m planning on going there we can woller ( Oklahoma word) in Gods graces with complete abandon!!

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