Reflect & Refocus #14

How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

#14 – “Gain an Understanding of Grace”

Guaranteed to make 2015 better for you, is to gain an understanding of ‘grace’! Not only will it help you in every area of your life, It’ll be revolutionary! It’ll set your life on a course where you’ll enjoy living more, you’ll be free-er than you ever imagined, you’ll enjoy your relationship with the Father much more…..and even your relationships with everyone else, as well! It’ll affect every facet of your life in an extremely positive way!

I’m sure most know plenty of ‘grace verses’ in the bible. But it’s still amazes me how few really understand the magnitude of His grace. It’s a topic that can’t be discussed enough. When you ‘see’ (experience) the Father’s goodness, which best comes from engaging relationally with Him, you’ll never be the same again!

Grace has become, arguably, the most controversial subject in and around the church in these days. I’ll warn you ahead of time that there’s plenty of ‘detractors’ out there who’ll try to steer you away from grace. They use the terms, ‘hyper-grace’ and ‘cheap grace’ to just name a couple. But don’t let these enemies of the cross divert you from the Truth, and liberty of grace. In all actuality they are arguing that the Father isn’t as good as we say He is! They’re going to keep making noise….but they got to me too late!

Start here: Clark Whitten’s Book: “Pure Grace”; Steve McVey’s “Beyond an Angry God”

*Gaining an understanding of grace is your best guarantee of making 2015 your “Best Year Ever”!!

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