Reflect & Refocus #12

How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

#12 – “Clean Up Your Relationships”

Of course, your relationship with the Father is the most important one you’ll ever engage in; and then….your relationship with your spouse, and then your children in that order. But beyond those there are many other relationships that are extremely important in our lives.

At the end of your life it’s not going to be how much money you’ve made or what social status you’ve achieved that stands out. No, you’ll clearly see then that what’s made your life ‘rich’ are the relationships you’ve been involved in. I say we should make the adjustment now and place greater value on the relationships we have….and others that we will soon make.

For10 years or so we’ve been trying to live out this dynamic truth:

1) God is sovereign in relationships; You only know the people you know because God, Himself, has orchestrated it! *And, when that happens it’s never just what one person can offer another one. Much to the contrary, when God brings two people together it’s always a win-win! And…that person is instrumental in helping to make you complete.

 2) Every relationship, given enough time, encounters problems: Isn’t it true! Somewhere along the way little quirks and character flaws begin to gnaw at you about that other person. It just happens and it’s a fact of life! *The world has taught us that when we encounter these problems we ‘scrap’ the marriage, the friendship or the business partner and find another one.

**Anytime you make the problem more important than the relationship, the relationship is in jeopardy!

3) So, if God really did initiate this relationship we have a responsibility to place the same value on it as He has. And to ‘flesh’ that out we must sit down and work through the problems to save the relationship! *That’s making the relationship more important than the problem!

The Payoff: In our effort to live this out we’re far from perfect, and sadly, not everyone will commit to the process. But what we’re finding out  is that when two people sit down to work through the issues (*and it’s never easy!), that the Father not only restores the relationship, but He restores it and makes it stronger than it was before the offense!!

*Clean Up Your Relationships and 2015 will be your ‘Best Year Ever”!!

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