Reflect & Refocus #11

How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

#11 – “Work on Your Marriage!”

If 2015 is going to be your best year ever it just makes sense to work on the relationship that, outside your relationship with the Father, is the most important one you’ll ever engage in. It’s so easy to  put your marriage on auto-pilot and just hope for the best but it doesn’t work very well. My experience is that if we’re not doing something to shore-up and strengthen our marriage, the conditions of life are subtly eroding it away.

Of course, both of you committing to work on your marriage is the best case scenario, but if you can’t get cooperation *(and I find that’s often the case) ….do it yourself. Ultimately you only have control over what you do. So, work on yourself! How can you be a better husband/wife? What are some practical things you can start doing today? How can you better show your love to your mate? These are questions that you should find a way to answer and your marriage will be better because of it.

Communication, or the lack of it I should say, is always an issue in any relationship….especially our marriages. Commit to get better at communicating with your spouse. And, it’s always better to communicate about those things that cause tension when the pressure is not on! Deal with ‘unresolved conflict’ ASAP!  Learn to talk about/deal with your problems in a productive, life-giving way!

Most all parents put their children first in order of importance; But that’s not at all how it should be! The best that you can do for your kids is to strengthen your relationship with your spouse! That’s God’s own order of how it should work!

At many of the upper Midwest State Fairs they hold pulling contests for draft horses. One horse can only pull so much weight but when two horses are ‘hitched’ (pun intended!) together they don’t just pull twice the weight. No, it’s more like three or four times the weight that they can handle! So, ‘Team-Up, Pull Together!! The results will be obvious

The whole world looks different when everything’s good at Home!


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