Reflect & Refocus #7

How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

#7 – “Get Relational with the Father”

One of the key things that Jesus set out to do was to introduce us to the Father! In fact, when the disciples asked Him, “Lord teach us to pray?” He responded this way, “Pray like this: Our Father which art in heaven…..” I don’t know if you’ve thought about it or not but here, the Only Begotten Son of God is telling these fishermen and tax collectors that they can relate to the Creator of the Universe exactly like He did! Jesus consistently communicated to the twelve that God was not only His Father but their Father, as well.

It’s a concept that has been, for the most part, lost down through the generations. Oh sure, most everyone knows that He’s our Heavenly Father. But much more often than not He’s known ‘conceptually’ rather than ‘experientially’! 

Knowing He is Father is not the same as knowing Him as Father!  

I’ve been a dad for 37+ years; and dads desperately want to interact with their kids. (Even though mine are grown up and out of the house I still love talking to them) Think of God in that same way; He wants to hear your voice and communicate with you. There’s a million other good reasons to relate to God as Father but the key is like Nike says, “Just do it!” Keep it simple and enjoy the greatest opportunity known to mankind!

*This is the most revolutionary thing you can do with your life! Start relating to God as Father and, not only will 2015 be your best year ever, your life will take on the value that He has placed upon it!!

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