Reflect – Refocus #2

 How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

#2 – Prayer


Hopefully you’ve taken a quick look back at 2014, assessed your wins and losses, so to speak, learned your lessons and are ready to head out in the right direction for 2015.

There’s a lot of things to be considered as you’re heading out but not many of those things are as important as prayer. There’s so much to be said about prayer but let’s just keep it simple and take the Nike advice: “Just do it”!! It’s an incredible opportunity to communicate with the Father about the many concerns of your life. Here are three things to consider on prayer:

  • Faith is released when you pray….and that’s a BIG deal!
    • Your situations may not have changed yet but your perspective on them does!
  • Keep it simple and remember, you’re communicating with your Father!
    • Fathers want to communicate with their kids
    • Talk to Him like you would your most trusted friend
  • Listen
    • Part of prayer is letting your requests be made known to God
    • Listening for His voice is equally important

*Get this part in place and your chances of making 2015 your best year ever are off to a great start!


……Next: “Are you doing what’s urgent or doing what’s important?”

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