Reflect – Refocus #1

How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

#1 – “Take a quick look back”


There is much to be learned by reflecting on the past but it’s hardly ever productive to make a long-term investment in what’s already gone by. One thing is certain: dwelling on mistakes and failures can severely hinder your progress in the New Year. Taking a quick look back and learning from those mistakes is a sure-fire way to gain momentum for the days ahead.

Looking back at 2014, how would you describe the year in just a very few words? Tough, Challenging, Advancing, Dismal, Glorious, etc.

And then think about the things that would cause you to describe the year in that way. No doubt there have been lessons learned; What were those things? What are the lessons to be learned? One of the great keys of life is learning to ‘not’ make the same mistakes over and over again. Most of us have done that from time to time but hopefully we’re growing out of that scenario!

What were your ‘wins’ this past year and how can you improve on them. Again, even looking back at your victories for too long can slow down your growth and advancement.

Reflection can be a very positive exercise but, again, I wouldn’t spend too much time looking back! Glance back, learn, get ready to Refocus…and Move On!

……Next – Refocus! Here’s where change and advancement really happens!


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  1. love this I sometimes get caught up in the past whether is something that happened or someone in the past. Moving on and trusting God!!!

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