A Prophetic Dream and A Defining Moment

God has a broad variety of ways He can speak to us. If you think about it and understand that He’s a Father, you’ll understand that He always wants to communicate with us. It really comes down to us tuning into His frequency, if you will, and receiving by faith what we hear. God is not limited to speaking to us in an audible voice. I know plenty of people who say they’ve heard Him that way, and I believe them.  But the Bible lists numerous other ways He speaks to us, and some of those include dreams and visions.

I can’t say I’ve had a lot of prophetic dreams; maybe a few dozen, in the years I’ve been learning to walk with the Lord. But the ones I have had were very profound and life-altering, to say the least. One such instance happened nearly 32 years ago. We had moved off the ranch in the Texas Panhandle and were just a month or two deep in starting the church. In the dream, it was if I was in a classroom with about 15 people in it. They were all sitting in those desks like you used in high school. All of these people were reaching out for me and moaning and groaning in a very defeated and agonizing tone as if to be crying out for help. On top of that, they were all covered with some kind of bluish, green substance. One of the women toward the front of the classroom reached out for me but as she did her arm just broke off and crumbled like a piece of brittle pottery. Another man got up and started toward me but as he stood his leg broke like the woman’s arm and he fell to the floor. I walked up to another person, still in his chair, to pray for him and I put my hands on his head. When I did I noticed that the bluish-green substance (the best description I can give is that this substance had the texture of that blue cue stick chalk used to play pool, but it was also damp) had a terrible smell to it. A smell so bad in fact that it was making me sick to my stomach. I should insert here that nothing makes me sick enough to throw up. Only done that a few times in my whole life. In fact, my family knows if I start throwing up they better call the undertaker! lol In my dream the smell was making me sick enough to throw up. It was at this point I woke up. I sat up in bed as quickly as I possibly could and actually gagged for about 30 seconds. I didn’t throw up but I came as close as you can without doing it. That was the end of the dream.

At that precise time I had no idea what the dream might mean but the next morning the Lord began to give me some specific insight into what it meant. He showed me the brittleness of the people in the dream represented what dead religion does to a person. It makes us rigid and fragile. (as opposed to supple (teachable) and strong) The hopeless nature of the people in the dream was a result of what religion does to us, without the life-giving component of a relationship with the Father. The blue-green substance was also the residue of religious mindsets that smother the life out of us. I believe the sickening smell I experienced is exactly what the Lord experiences when we are bound up by lifeless religious thoughts and practices…..but have no relationship with Him!

The Lord spoke very clear to my spirit in His still, small voice; “Andy, My people are smothering and dying because of dead religion. I’m sending you to deliver my people from that bondage and to set them free.”

That’s been years ago but still very fresh in my mind. Looking back, it now seems crystal clear to me that it’s what my life is supposed to be about. That dream has served to form me and shape me into ‘who’ the Lord wants me to be, ……and ‘what’ He wants me to do. And, looking forward, I believe I can trust Him to continue to carry out that mission through me and the people He’s assembled here…..if we’ll simply keep on being obedient to Him.

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3 thoughts on “A Prophetic Dream and A Defining Moment

  1. Andy, Your latest blog A Prophetic Dream, , , is on target, really parallel with my clear word from God more than 30 years ago about Moses, “I’m putting on you the spirit of Moses and you will help set my people free . . .” Much more but many times He has reminded me that the MOSES COMPONENT is still on! Been 30 + years and just this week I ran across some papers the update it again. According to Moses’ age I am 31/2 years into the carrying out of the mandate. Moses’ task was not only set God’s people free but to facilitate a culture in which the life of heaven (the Kingdom) could be demonstrated! Here’s what propose: I am praying for a dozen churches to appear on scene in which God’s determination is being carried out to make a Kingdom church. I have met with Charles Carrin and Charlie Lewis in two separate time frames, a total of 8 days and this is what we strategized on: WHAT DOES THIS CHURCH NEED TO DO TO BECOME A KINGDOM CHURCH? Remember the words I heard immediately upon being stabbed awake about 4:00 AM, “THE DEVIL HAS NO FEAR OF A KINGDOMLESS CHURCH!” No sooner than I heard that, I heard this; “THE DEVIL HAS NO FEAR OF A KINGDOMLESS CHRISTIAN! THINK ABOUT IT! MAN, YOU GOT ME STARTED! I AM AFIRE! I am meeting with a man his morning who had a moral fall years ago, has been totally restored and has become a consummate Kingdom man. His kind THE FALLEN AND TOTALLY RESTORED will form a mighty brigade in God’s Kingdom advance! Help me here! You and Donald will be two non-suburban churches representing the Kingdom way to do things. Think about it! Think about it and try, with Donald, to be in the Sons Event in April at Dudley’s place near Mineral Wells, in April. This will be the strategy under consideration. Mucho mucho love! Will cual Julie today. Singing in the Reign, Jack >

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