You Got to Me Too Late!

If you’re a regular reader of mine you already know I don’t have  much tolerance for people telling other people that God’s mad at them. And I have a grand total of zero tolerance for preachers taking the ‘good news’ and turning it into a bunch of religious rules….that for the most part they can’t even keep, themselves! Dead religion is a cruel taskmaster and it leaves the children of God feeling like they’re never good enough. That’s a problem of the highest order!

I think what gets under my skin the most is the fact that God is so grossly misrepresented. He’s often portrayed as having an unreasonable attitude toward us and almost impossible to please. God is, first and foremost, a Father. And, fathers are loving and nurturing to their children. It just comes natural to us dads, and God is so much better a Father than we are. When He’s misrepresented it can cause one to avoid coming to Him because of a preconceived fear of rejection.That’s very serious….and it must really make Him sad. It has to stop!

When I came to the Lord in 1984 I was at a very low point (actually the very lowest in my entire life!) in my life. He had no good reason (from my perspective) to take me in. I’d done absolutely nothing to warrant His favor or to expect Him to answer my desperate cry of, “God, if you’re out there, you gotta help me!”…..But He did!

My relationship with the Father began right there, really kind of unbeknownst  to me. I didn’t even know that to have a relationship with he Father was anything you should, or could, do. But in those days I found Him to welcoming toward me; I found Him to be gracious, forgiving, encouraging, nurturing and full of love toward me. That’s how I know Him!

So, don’t be pulling that, “God’s mad at you”, stuff on me. (or anyone else for that matter!) Do us all a favor….and back off! It won’t work… got to me too late!

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