“Cliff Notes”

I’ll bet you’ve heard of “CliffsNotes“. A Nebraskan by the name of Cliff Hillegas had the idea back in the ’50’s to write college required literary works in a capsulized, abbreviated form. This way the student could get the gist of the whole book in pamphlet form, or short version, without having to read the entire book. For instance, the book, Romeo and Juliet might be nearly 200 pages while the CliffsNotes version might be a third of that. CliffsNotes has plenty of detractors who argue that students miss out by not reading the entire book, but for the student trying to just get through it and move on, it’s ideal.

My regular readers are aware that my Dad, Cliff Taylor, changed addresses a couple of weeks back…from Oklahoma to Heaven! He was a pretty amazing man and our whole family is missing him in a big way. His life was an interesting one and there’s a lot of stories that I think need to be told. Stories that are sad, stories that are funny, stories that are inspiring (and might even help to change your life for the better!) and stories that detail a life well-lived. Most of the stories won’t take a lot of space to write so it seems logical and suitable, kind of a no-brainer blog title for those stories would be, Cliff Notes.

Cliff Notes would be good reading for anyone who knew my Dad or anyone who would like to get a glimpse into the life of someone who never wasted one day of his 86 years. And rather than posting a notice on social media sites (like I do now with other blog posts) such as FaceBook, Twitter, etc, you can only access Cliff Notes by going to andyrtaylor.com and clicking the “Follow” link (upper right-hand side of page). You’ll get an email notice every time I post a Cliff Notes story. I hope you join me! I think you’ll be glad you did!


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