The Most, “In Your Face” Verse in the Whole Bible!!

I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it or not. I have. The Bible is full of timeless wisdom from cover to cover. There are plenty of verses that challenge our humanity……but none as ‘in your face’ as this one: “Love Your Enemies”! Whoa! Now, that’s out there. In fact is’s so far out there that most of us never really seriously consider whether or not it’s true because it goes ‘so’ against our natural tendencies.

I’ve said many times before (quite a few times in my blogs) that the greatest challenge for the church…..and the greatest challenge for us as individuals is whether or not we are loving like He did. I get all kinds of feedback when I write about it. Some agree with me when I say that He wants us to love like Him. It’s my opinion that it’s the #1 priority of the Father for us love like He does. Some, however, don’t agree. Their argument is that there’s no way that we could love like He does. It’s a logical argument considering the magnitude of His love toward us. How could we possibly match that kind of love??! Well, I believe, He wants us to do just that! We most likely have opportunities right now to to practice up on.

If we are going to love like He does there are a couple of things to consider. These couple of things will give us a very clear indicator of ‘where’ we are in the process of loving like Jesus. 1) Matthew wrote in his gospel, “What good is it if we just love those that love us?”, “Even the tax collectors do that.” So, one of the ‘acid’ tests of our love is whether or not we’re loving those that don’t love us. You know, it’s like one of those “You Are Here” signs at the mall. How we answer that challenge is an accurate read on where we are where our love is concerned. 2) “Love your enemies”. I mean, nothing tests our humanity any more than the mandate to do this. And while, to do it is a good thing for your ‘enemy’.….you have more to gain than they do. Could it be that it’s more for you than for the other person??    I think it probably is.

While all the things we do in obedience to the Lord are important, I don’t think any of them are as important as “how we love”.”Love your enemies”! It’s in your face, alright…..but it’s undeniable proof that we’re becoming ‘like’ Him!


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  1. This is the key to success. If we practice love we fulfill the commandments that Jesus gave to us. We may never do it as well as Jesus, but….. We have to try. It gets easier with practice, and the word says ” forgive ” that you may be healed. So many people wonder why their prayers don’t seem to be answered.

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