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I started my blog, “The Way I See It”, exactly two months ago. I’ve made 38 posts and had just over 10,000 ‘Views’! Thai’s pretty amazing, ……and humbling, from my perspective. You’d like to think that your experiences in life would have some value, and that the things you’ve learned could somehow be a benefit to others. That has been the main reason that I started writing in the first place. It would be too far fetched to believe that all 10,000 views were actually helpful to those who read the blogs. After all, I did get a few, very negative, remarks, mostly from the ‘religious right’, on the Lady Gaga Blog. But I expected that…..and it’s OK! But I do think that many of the views caused people to think and in the long haul I do believe that most of the blogs have been helpful in one way or another.

I’ll have a few more headed your way this week. If, and when, you find them helpful pass them along and “Share” them with your friends. As usual, I appreciate your comments. They’re a huge encouragement to me and help me to think that my writing is worthwhile. Listed below are the Top-Five Blog Posts in the last two months, based on actual ‘views’:

1) “Lady Gaga, Little Monsters & Jesus”

2)  “Be Who You Are”

3) “Obviously, I’m God’s Favorite!”

4) “Loosen Up, Sandy Baby!”

5) “The Truth Does NOT Set You Free!”

*Check them out if you haven’t already…..and thanks for joining me on the journey!


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9 thoughts on “10 K

  1. Love Love Love what you are writing. Lady Gaga was my fav. Thank you so much for taking the time to write these. You continue to change my life for the better. Thank you!!

  2. Great stuff Mr Taylor , I have been enjoying your post and look forward to receiving them , we go to the cowboy church in Yukon, we would like to make it down for one of your Sunday services sometime take care and God bless

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