Reflect & Refocus #5

How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

#5 – “Set Some Goals!”

It’s been proven many times over that people who set goals get a lot more done in their lives than those who don’t. So, goal setting is one of the most productive things we can do.

When we set goals it helps immensely to keep our focus on the things that we really need to focus on. We waste a lot less time wandering around trying to get things done.

There’s no lack of inspirational stories out there of those who set goals, but one I think of often of a little kid in grade school by the name of Ty Murray. His goal, even at that young age, was to break Larry Mahan’s record of 5 World All-Around Championships in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Assoc.; a feat that nobody had done before. Some of you know the story, some don’t; Young Murray kept his eye on the prize and became the undisputed, greatest cowboy of his era.

I believe it’s extremely important to start with some spiritual goals first. Ultimately, every facet of your life is only going to be as good as your spiritual life. So it just makes sense to put that on the front burner. Your goals, for example, could be something like reading through the Bible this year, prayer goals, or a goal to find exactly where you belong in the Body of Christ; make it a goal to get more relational with the Father. You’ll be glad….and blessed if you’ll do something!

Set some physical, financial, relational goals; look at them on a regular basis; Do like Ty did….keep your eye on the prize!

*If you’ll set some realistic goals, you’re well on your way to making 2015 your best year ever!

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