Tee-Ball…..The #1, Undisputed, Very Best Team Sport of ‘Em All!!

It might not be your favorite sport, but there’s on doubt about it…it’s mine! There’s nothing I don’t like about Tee-Ball It became my favorite sport when my kids started playing, years ago. In fact, one of the very first practices our boys attended, Clay….now 27, took a major league swing at the ball. He missed the ball, did a full 360 spin, let go of the bat and it flew like a guided missile and hit the coach square on the ankle bone! He hopped around for a few seconds, limped for a few more and through the tears said, “Clay…..try to hang onto the bat!” I still laugh when I think about it….but I’ll bet the coach still thinks it wasn’t all that funny.

I missed Crockett’s (my next to the youngest Grandson, age 4) very first Tee-Ball game today. Hated to, but I had a meeting that I couldn’t miss. I did find out, however, that after his very first hit, he headed straight to third base! I’m thinking, “Heck, yeah! If you can get a triple that way…get it on!”  And THAT, is exactly why I love Tee-Ball!

You gotta be on your toes if you’re the coach; (I did get there for game #2 today!) The catcher is checking the stands behind him and making sure his people are watching. Outfielders are chasing butterflies and the second baseman and shortstop are on the ground wrestling with one another. There are a lot of spectators….probably more than at a lot of high school games. Why? Easy question; parents, grandparents love to watch their kids excel. Our Father is like that, too! A few dads are giving ‘expert’ instructions from the stands……as if there’s actually something at stake. Serious business to some!

I was asked later who won the game. I have no idea but I think, no I’m sure, they both won! Not a sad face, one, on any of the players, coaches or spectators. I don’t care if you have kids or grandkids playing Tee-Ball or not, you need to go to a game. You can have the worst day you’ve ever had, go to a Tee-Ball game….and get home just right!!


Laugh a Little! …….. No, Make That a Lot!

Why? It’s just healthy, that’s why! Julie and I were sitting watching America’s Funniest Videos a few days ago, which we never do. It was just on and we didn’t change the channel. I started watching and there was just one funny video clip after another. Some of them were, of course, funnier than others….and some of them I literally laughed out loud. I even did the TIVO thing and watched several of them three or four times. What I noticed is that my general demeanor just naturally changed from laughing at the video clips. And it changed in a really positive way. I just felt better!

I’m pretty sure that most of us don’t laugh enough. I mean, life IS serious.…it really is. And it can really take a toll on us over the course of time. It can, and will, erode our emotional state to the point of anxiety and depression if we let it. Most everyone agrees, and it has even been proven scientifically, that a poor attitude (sad, discouraged, discontent, angry, bitter, etc.) eventually begins to affect our health in some very negative ways.

I firmly believe that we need to do something to offset the emotional damage that’s being done to us. And if you ask me, laughter is one certain way to do it! I know you’re thinking, “Easier said than done!” Here’s a few things that I think might help:                                            1) Get an eternal perspective; If you belong to the Lord, everything is, somehow, going to work out in the long-haul. Jesus even said that      we were to have “His joy”!!                                                                                                                                                                                2) Learn to laugh at yourself! That’s definitely been one that has worked for me over the years. It works for me to ‘not’ take myself so seriously!                                                                                                                                                                                                            3) Identify things that make you laugh; My grandkids make me happy…..even writing now I smile when I think about them! *And if your attitude is in ICU, Google a baby that gets so tickled that he can’t quit laughing and that’ll get you going!                                                       4) Chill out! Yeah, really…..just chill out a little bit. You can do it with a little effort.

Oh, ……and it has also been scientifically (and Biblically, too; Pr 17:22)  proven that laughter has definite healing properties!

Don’t just laugh a little…….Laugh a lot! Life will be so much better!


“Loosen Up, Sandy Baby!”

I don’t know if you’ll remember that particular phrase or not, but I sure do, and it makes me laugh every time I think about it! John Riggins, a great pro football player, said that to Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O’Connor at a Presidential Gala back in the ’80’s.

John Riggins was a Kansas University, All-American running back who went on to the NFL’s Washington Redskins where he was named NFL’s MVP in 1983 and later inducted into the National Football League Hall of Fame. He was a great running back and a very colorful character, to say the least! Invited to a big DC party along with a bunch of other ‘big whigs’, John proceeded to drink………a lot! Sitting across from Justice O’Connor and apparently noticing her high-society looks and maybe a remark or two in his direction, John says, “Loosen up, Sandy baby!” It made the national news. John ended up asleep under the table (probably passed out) during the President’s speech.

I like John Riggins even though he might’ve went a little far with his drinking on that particular night. But I think all of us could stand a good-size dose of his advice to Sandy! Life is serious, I mean really serious. And it brings with it all kinds of things to stress about. I’m like you…I can get so caught up in that kind of stuff sometimes that it can really get me down.

Worry is not healthy and it fights directly against our faith. I have to continually remind my own self of that. Statistics say, and looking back it’s been true for me as well, that about 75% of the things we worry about never happen anyway! That just says that we’re wasting a lot of valuable time not fully enjoying life. I’ve been guilty of that, but I’m trying to do better…..and I think I am doing some better at it. As many times as the Lord has rescued me, I should know as good as anyone that He’s got my back! If we’re going to get any real enjoyment out of life we’re going to have to learn to take John’s advice and ‘loosen up’!

Who knew that John Riggins’, “Loosen up, Sandy baby” would be so prophetic?!