A “You Can Do It” Atmosphere

Its a great place to be…..that’s anyplace where there’s a “You Can Do It” atmosphere! I’ve seen it a lot of times down through the years. I first saw it in our home growing up. My Mom and Dad did as perfect a job as could have been done for my brother Monty and myself. They believed in us and they taught us to believe in ourselves, too. ….And somehow I think it gave us a big ‘leg up’ in believing in other people as well. I have found that that one thing can be the ‘difference maker’ in the lives of other people……just to have someone who really believes in them.

I was so impressed a month ago when I went to the Beckham County Drug Court. (That’s when I came up with the title to this blog) It was amazing from my perspective. The Drug Court Team with two of ‘our own’, Lorna Pennington, Drug Court Coordinator and Eric Easter, part of the Drug Court Team and even Judge Michelle Roper had such a “You Can Do It’ atmosphere that the 50 or 60 people in Drug Court felt like they were going to make it. I left there that day feeling like they’re going to make it too! There’s just something about that ‘atmosphere’ that exudes, “you’re going to make it”!!!

It’s an atmosphere that we ought to work to create anywhere that we’re going to be. In fact, you may be the only one in your office or on your team, or in your restaurant that believes it….but if you’ll ‘represent’, it’ll be contagious and the productivity will automatically go up! Something just happens when you believe the best in people. Contrast that with an atmosphere where your best is ‘never good enough’ and see what you come up with. The difference will be remarkable.

The Bible says emphatically that we’re ‘overcomers’, and ‘more than conquerors’! If that ain’t a “You Can Do It’ atmosphere I’ve never seen one! When you cooperate with the Holy Spirit just about any kind of odds can be overturned. The results might be nothing short of miraculous!

Represent!! You Can Do It!

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