Reflect – Refocus #3

How to Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever

#3 – Doing What’s Urgent vs Doing What’s Important

I have to admit I swiped this one from Michael Hyatt’s blog ( But it so resonated with me that I felt that I needed to include it in my own plan for making ’15 my Best Year Ever.

When I read Hyatt’s blog about doing urgent things and doing important things, it uncovered a huge flaw in me being able to get the important things done in the course of a day. I don’t know how many times I have flunked this one! I think this is one of those things that everyone faces, no matter what your vocation is. If we’re going to be productive we’ll have to work on this one!

To apply this to our life we must first discern what things are urgent and what things are important. The nature of what I do (ministry) can be even more complicated due to the fact that you’re always dealing with people who are in an ‘urgent’ situation in their lives. Some of those things can’t be postponed, some can. I’m the one that needs to decide this.

But, the important things need to be done! 

1) What are the ‘Important’ things you need to do?  

2) Assess daily to stay current; *not getting the important things done will soon cause you to get ‘weighted’ down and can eventually cause you to stall out completely! A sense of accomplishment comes when we get the Important things done.

If 2015 is going to be our Best Year Ever we’ll have to get better at this one!

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  1. So True! The “Urgent” can really steal time from the Important, then if you’re not careful the Important keeps getting postponed for days. Then we wonder why we are so “dry” or ‘burdened” with everything going on in our worlds! Better not let the “Important” get away from us!!

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